Classical Homeopath & Body Energy Mechanic


Wanda Smith-Schick

I became interested in homeopathy after working in the Entertainment industry for many years.  I felt like I wanted to do something more with my life and decide to explore opportunities in the health care industry.  My goal at the time was to apply to medical school.  I worked in the emergency room of a local hospital at night, and took science classes during the day.

After several years of working in the emergency room in Southern California, I was ready to start looking at the next step, medical school.  The ER was a great learning experience, the fast paced energy and the ability to participate in the process of helping trauma victims, on their road to recovery was awesome.  But there is another side of the ER clients, those that we referred to as the “regulars.” Those with alcohol abuse issues, suicidal attempts, chronic disease, depression and those suffering from the results of side effects from their prescription medications.

My heart went out to the “regulars.”  I felt like there had to be a better way to help theses suffering individuals.  I began to explore complementary medical schools, but nothing really resonated with me until I was delivering a piece of my husbands’ art in San Francisco and decided to check out a Homeopathic Medical School located in the City.

In speaking with the admissions counselor she told me about homeopathy and that as a homeopath one looks at the totality of the person, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Everything that is going on with the person and their reactions to life experiences, and as homeopath one finds a remedy that covers their unique concerns.  She finished the conversation by stating that the goal of a homeopath is to help the client reach their full potential.  This comment spoke to my heart and I knew that Homeopathy was the direction for me.

My Classical Homeopathy training was done at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in San Francisco, California. I received my Core Synchronism & Core Lymphatic training from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I have a BA in Speech Communications from CSU Long Beach.

I practice Classical Homeopathy at the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, located in San Francisco, CA where I treat health challenges, acute and chronic diseases, for the homeless and disenfranchised.

My private practice locations are in Palo Alto and San Francisco, California where I treat acute and chronic health concerns via Classical Homeopathy and Core Synchronism.