Core Synchronism

Core SynchronismCore Synchronism is a gentle system of Energy Bodywork designed to assist Nature in establishing balance in all parts of the human being via the Vital Force also called the Core Current and Cerebrospinal Fluid.

Core Synchronism is a system of hand medicine designed to assist nature in establishing harmony within all parts of the organism, by inducing a deep state of relaxation that stimulates the healing process.

Pain is the result of a body part (mental/emotional, etheric, physical) being out of synch with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid. Disharmonious motion causes friction, which produces inflammation, which then results in pain or discomfort.

By re-establishing synchronistic balance with the core current, cerebral spinal fluid and the dis-synchronistic body part through palpation and focused intent harmony is restored to the organism thus breaking the pain-discomfort cycle.

Core Synchronism is based on Natural Therapeutics; Cranial Osteopathy, Polarity Therapy and the palpatory and philosophical discoveries of Robert Stevens N.D., L.M.T., director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.