“I went to Wanda about nine months ago because I was battling an unexplained profound fatigue.  Having been treated by her using a homeopathic remedy, I now have had the energy to compete in five bicycle races and train for a triathlon.  She also treated me for depression and digestive troubles.

I have found Wanda herself to be professional, yet personable.  And I think she excels in particular in the mind-body connection.  Of particular comfort to me as a Christian is the fact that she was willing to pray for me.  Truly Wanda treats the whole person and I cannot recommend her enough.”

- C.V., 33


“I had always considered myself a healthy person.  I never experienced any major health issues until I turned 45 yrs. old.  With seven pregnancies, four were miscarriages, behind me, chronic fatigue, an inability to think clearly, and overall sluggishness my health began to take an unexpected turn.  A year ago I began experiencing severe abdominal pain, which lasted a few days.  Uncertain of the cause I called Wanda.   She was at my door the same day with a remedy that would eventually alleviate the pain.  I was later diagnosed with having had gallstones.  With dietary changes and treatment from Wanda my gallbladder problem is now under control.

Wanda has continued to treat me for various physical, emotional, and mental ailments and with each remedy taken my overall health has improved.

A year later I am physically stronger, emotionally healthier, and mentally alert.  I have not felt this healthy in over nine years!

I am deeply appreciative of Wanda’s expertise and personal care.”

- L.L.,47


“Wanda Schick gave me a treatment in “Core Synchronism” as my knee was really causing me pain.  Her ‘hands on’ treatment left me feeling very relaxed and by the next day, my knee was free of pain.  The added benefit, which I did not expect, was that my blood pressure level was decreased by more than 20 points.  I would highly recommend Wanda for this valuable treatment.”

- V.S., 79


“After a session with Wanda I have no pain in my arm.  Each time she works on a painful area of my body, the pain subsides immediately.  The bonus is that after a session not only has the pain subsided, I feel completely cleansed and rejuvenated.”

- L.C., 46


“Wanda truly has a God-given gift for healing.  She helped me several times when I was experiencing a lot of pain from an ankle bone bruise.  I was skeptical at first but she helped bring some immediate temporary pain relief.  She also helped reduce the tendonitis pain that I had in my forearms.

She was honest and told me that I would have to do my part to aid the healing process by stretching and slowly walking if I could do so once the pain subsided.

I appreciated that she prayed before she began treatment since we share a common faith.

Wanda truly cares about her patients and I highly recommend her.”

- D.L., 43